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4 Different Strategies to Pay for College

Look for Scholarships

Find scholarships that can apply to you. Research and look for scholarships that haven’t been claimed yet. There are so many unclaimed scholarships out there that most people don’t even know about or haven’t heard of. You can locate some of these scholarships by speaking with your school’s financial aid office. Another source of these would be by looking online for scholarships. Take advantage of your resources to further your success and make it a lot easier on yourself to not worry about loans and racking up debt.


Consider Financial Aid

Meet with an officer from your school’s financial aid office to help figure out a plan to help pay for your school fees. If you don’t know much about financial planning, don’t try to solve your college debt problems on your own, as this is their job and they are there to help the students. Set up an appointment with your school’s financial aid office today and help yourself by letting them help you.

Fill out the FAFSA

A study in 2015 showed that $2.9 billion of federal grant money was left unclaimed. This is free money that you do not have to pay back and it’s being left unclaimed! Every year, millions of unclaimed federal grant money is left up for grabs. This is why it is very important to fill out the FAFSA form to see if you qualify for government grants.


Start a 529 Plan

            Most of the time, a 529 account is started for young children who haven’t even thought or heard of college yet. This is a great option for families with newborns and young children, however, financial experts say it's still worth the time to open a 529 account even if your child is in high school. The savings in the account build up as the child grows up so that by the time they are heading to college, they will have a good amount of money to start their college life.

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